Jacks Of One Trade: Specialized Experts


The days of Mad Men are long gone. Bloated agencies are screwed. Why? For one thing: MASSIVE overhead. Big buildings, segways for employees, whatever.


This model ends up driving up expense and instead of a well oiled machine, creates an environment that often isn’t cutting edge, but slow-moving. Slow to make decisions. Slow to take action. I know I’d rather work with a lean agency with a specific specialization than a “jack of all trades that costs me my first born.”


Sure, it is nice to have “everyone under one roof” for control purposes, but now there is this Internet thing and more ways to do work virtually. A team of freelancers can be assembled in a jiffy. Or a consultant. Does it take more work on the agency end to do this? Absolutely. But why hire a bunch of experts as opposed to bring them in on a per project basis or set up a referral network?


I’d bet the future will be more about partnerships between highly specialized experts as opposed to the big box model.


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Pamela Critchfield


Pamela Critchfield is known throughout the Midwest as the “go-to” public relations strategist for the tourism and travel industries. With 22 years of marketing experience in this arena, she has helped her clients become success stories in a very volatile, competitive travel and tourism arena. Her out-of-the box thinking leads to high impact experiences that trump those before her to fill theaters, pack shopping centers, and strategically elevate awareness of new amusement and entertainment offers in fluctuating economic conditions. Her strong code of ethics, morals, and commitment to protect the image and reputation of her clients and their brands is steady and often contagious.


Married to her lifetime sweetheart of 40 years and mother to a Chicago Michelin Star gourmet chef, her love of cooking has been shared across the nation as host of televised cooking shows, food competitions, and magazine columns…and she is known locally to show up to client events with cakes and cupcakes too beautiful to devour.

Steve and Marcy Blanshan


Steve and Marcy Blanshan are Digital Marketing Strategist with Community News Digital.  A full service digital marketing firm offering display, mobile, video, search, social, HULU and more to clients across the country.  Community News Digital strives to help clients achieve their goals through smart campaign strategies, execution and reporting.


417-598-0662   |   247 Forest Oak Drive,  Hollister, MO  65772   |   pamcritchfield@gmail.com

417-598-0662   |   247 Forest Oak Drive,

Hollister, MO  65772 pamcritchfield@gmail.com